Manu Mykonos Villa: PARADISE BEACH


Distance from Manu Villa: 15.1 km, 28 minutes by car

Directions from Manu Villa:

The most famous of all of Mykonos’ beaches, Paradise, is what essentially brought tourism to the island in the 1970s. It’s no longer the beach of hippies of the 70s and no longer mostly gay like about a decade ago; it now attracts young straight crowds who dance, drink, and lie on the sand all day and night, to the sound of music playing at the several bars and restaurants.

There are parasols and sunbeds everywhere, and the summer parties usually start in the middle of the afternoon and last until sunrise! If you’re looking for a beach party experience, this is the beach for you; if you’re looking for quiet, go somewhere else. Paraga Beach is just right up the hill, to the right when facing the sea.

Up on a hill on the left, overlooking the beach is a large club, Cavo Paradiso, perhaps the most popular night spot in the entire island, attracting major international DJs throughout the summer.