Quality Brand Villas: Rhenia Island

UNCOVERING THE SECRET PARADISE ON RHENIA ISLAND: Situated just six nautical miles from Mykonos, this island is remarkably deserted.

Just six nautical miles away from the busy beaches and wild parties of Mykonos lies this maquis-encircled island, perfect for a getaway from the crowds. This secluded spot is ideal for getting away from it all and enjoying some much-needed alone time. A day-trip shepherd from neighboring Delos tends to the flocks of sheep and cattle, the sole occupants of this place.

Immerse yourself in its pristine beauty as you enjoy a sunny day of lounging on its pebble-sand beaches and swimming in its pristine waters, knowing that the stunning coastlines of Mykonos are never far away. The peacefulness of this little island makes it a great spot to spend the night.

Among the neighboring islands of Delos and Mykonos, the less-touristy Rhenia (sometimes spelled Rinia) is a real find. Even though it’s so close to the exciting Island of the Winds, not many people know about the stunning splendor that awaits discovery here. This is particularly disheartening considering the amount of visitors to Delos and the closeness of Rhenia to the spiritual island (the distance between the two is barely one kilometer). Anyone who knows even the barest details about Rhenia, nevertheless, can attest to the fact that this Cycladic pearl is irresistible. Below you can find some evidences that support this fixation!

With almost 42 kilometers of coastline at your disposal, you’ll have lots of opportunities to discover sandy shores and pristine waters. Glyfada, Ambelia, Lia, and Stena are some of the most famous beaches in the area, and they are all protected by little coves. The majority of people choose these beaches.

Taking an organized boat trip to Rhenia or venturing out on your own is one of the most hassle-free ways to reach the island. A private yacht excursion or helicopter ride are also available as options. In addition to on-board dining and drinks, most of these programs also include snorkeling and scuba trips that participants can book in advance.

Aside from that, we must not overlook the fact that Rhenia is in close proximity to Delos and its incredibly stimulating allure. This proves that Rhenia is a great option for practices of the spiritual nature, like meditation and yoga. So far, what have you found to be the most satisfying parts? While you’re there, you might as well have the island to yourself. The scariest thing that might happen? There are a handful more scattered across the island in various places. But it’s still far from the Mykonos-level hordes that you might encounter.