Quality Brand Villas: CHORA (MYKONOS TOWN)


Mykonos’ picturesque capital is Chora (also known as “Mykonos Town” or “Hora”), a mostly pedestrian maze of narrow streets with cubic whitewashed houses.

It’s essentially a traditional Cycladic village, with small white churches and colorful windows, doors, and balconies

The main street is Matogianni (or “Matoyanni”), lined with boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Follow your instincts around the maze, and if you get lost, just keep walking, and you’ll eventually find your way out to the waterfront.

The famous windmills and the former fishermen’s homes in Little Venice are visible in the romantic sunset views, but it is relatively quiet during the day. The restaurants and bars then serve meals and drink well into the night.


Mykonos is arguably the best shopping destination in Greece (with Athens or Santorini coming in second). You’ll probably fall in love with a copy of an ancient Cycladic piece of art or go for trendy designer clothing. Many of those fashion shops (including upmarket names) are found along Matogiani (or Matoyianni) Street, while elsewhere you’ll also see some tempting jewelry shops (many with pieces inspired by ancient Greek jewelry) and art galleries. Do note, however, that many shops close in the afternoon, often between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., but then remain open late into the night.